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January 13, 2021

Governor Whitmer announced employee assistance grants for those whose employment at entertainment and recreational venues and restaurants. This grant program puts dollars in the pocket of Michiganders who work in hospitality, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services sectors -- as well as the gym and fitness sectors. This grant program helps offset some of the financial losses they may have incurred due to a furlough, layoff or job loss, or a reduction of hours. Here are a few top lines about the grant program:

  1. Eligible individuals can apply for one-time grants of up to $1,650.
  2. There’s a 10-day window to apply for this grant – from January 15 to January 25 (so please don’t wait to apply when this grant program opens on Friday).
  3. For details regarding the application process, go to www.MRLAEF.ORG/MONEY
  4. Applications will be processed through February and payments will be issued in March.
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