Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce

Signature Events

For Business and Community

Business & Community Expo

This annual trade show and networking event, typically held in early October, is designed to give local businesses and the community the chance to see the latest and greatest in the Mt. Pleasant Area marketplace. Chamber of Commerce members have the opportunity to grow their professional network, meet customers, introduce the Mt. Pleasant community to their products and services, and share what’s new with their business.

All business types are welcome to exhibit.  Booth prices and sponsorship opportunities are posted toward the end of summer each year, and entrance is FREE to community members! There is no better way to immerse yourself in the Mt. Pleasant area business community.  Invite your clients, colleagues and business partners! You will make important business contacts, both business-to-business and business-to-public.

For Professional Development

Michigan Young Professionals Network Statewide Conference

The Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a statewide conference for young professionals, ages 20s – 40s, every year in May.  The main focus of the statewide conference is continuing professional development and the ultimate goal is for attendees to take away tangible practices relevant to their field of work, fostering great leaders in the State of Michigan.

For Fun!


Annual Golf Outing

Held toward the end of July of each year, this fun event offers members the opportunity to connect with one another in a relaxing, laid back atmosphere, in a location where a great many business professionals dream of being all summer: the golf course!  If you needed one more excuse to golf, we have you covered!

For Community

Annual Awards Banquet

In 1957, the Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce began what would become a time-honored tradition, which has continued to this day, to honor Mt. Pleasant’s exceptional citizens.  Held each year in March, this community-focused event honors outstanding volunteers from local service clubs and organizations for excellence in service and leadership.  The Chamber’s highest honor, the Citizen of the Year Award, is the highlight of the evening as it is a surprise to the recipient and all attendees.

Past Citizen of The Year Recipients

1957  *Norval Bovee
1958  *Earl Hartman
1959  *Mary Clare
1960  *Malcom McShea
1961  *Elmer Graham
1962  *Vivian Ledbeter
1963  *Frank White
1964  *Irene Otteman
1965  *Chelsea Utterback
1966  *Dr. Lionel Davis
1967  *George Wheeler
1968  *Dean Eckersley
1969  *Betty Elliott
1970  *Don Gould
1971  *G. Rollie Denison
1972  *Douglas McFarlane, Sr.
1973  L.A. Johns
1974  *Clarence Tuma
1975  *Evelyn Bovee
1976  *Dr. Charles Anspach
1977  *Daniel Kostrzewa
1978  *Virginia Kjolhede
1979  William F. Sowle, Jr.
1980  *Ann Louise Welch
1981  William Theunissen
1982  Jack Anson
1983  *Charles E. Anthony
1984   Shirley Martin Decker
1985  *Dr. Carlo Barberi
1986  Sibyl Ellis
1987  *Chief Arnold Sowmick
1988  *Olga Denison
1989  *Dr. Mary Ellen Brandell
1990  Governor John Engler
1991  Douglas McFarlane, Jr.
1992  W. Sidney Smith
1993  Robert A. Janson
1994  Barton Labelle
1995  *Nancy Carey
1996  James Fabiano
1997  Ken Bovee
1998  Jack & Sally Weisenburger
1999  *Dr. Gilbert Klickstein
2000  *Mary Ruth Fortino
2001  Mike Carey
2002  Jim Wojcik
2003  *Daniel Breidenstein
2004  Jeff & Vicki Tuma
2005  Richard J. Barz
2006  *Kay Smith
2007  Judith French Smith
2008  Lon Morey
2009  Tom Moffit
2010  Kenneth Schaeffer
2011  Steve Martineau
2012  Bob Wheeler
2013  George Rouman
2014  Jan & Bill Strickle
2015  Albert Kaufmann, Jr.
2016  *Tim Brockman
2017   Dave Keilitz

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