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The Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the addition of a graduate level class to the Rollie Denison Leadership InstituteTM (RDLI) this fall for area professionals in Isabella County. The RDLI Capstone Program is the culmination of demand from past graduates, and the dedication of community leaders from the Chamber, the Vision 2020 Leadership Committee and the Leadership Advisory Board.

The RDLI Capstone Program is a 6-month class that meets one day a month to provide a much deeper assessment and building of one’s leadership skills and abilities.

The class begins with a peer assessment of an individual’s existing leadership qualities and abilities. The feedback from this assessment is generated into a comprehensive report that class members will use throughout their experiences and activities in the class to enhance the good and strengthen the areas that need work.

The availability of this program couldn’t come at a better time. With a recovering economy and with businesses and organizations in need of strong leadership to charge forward, the RDLI Capstone Program is the springboard to launch the next wave of leaders throughout Isabella County.

Much like the current RDLI curriculum, the Capstone Program will utilize experiential learning activities and techniques to deliver the elevated leadership content. In addition to activities and discussions with current and past community leaders, class members will also be required to keep a journal of their experiences and revelations. A class project will also be a required component of the class.

The cost of the program will help offset the costs for the self assessment tools/reports, tuition for a full day each month for six months, food costs, program coordination, orientation packets, supplies, materials and graduation expenses.

Classes are scheduled for one Friday of each month beginning with an orientation in late October with the first class being November 22, 2015. Typically, the classes will be held the 2nd Friday of each month, unless there is a major holiday that would cause significant absence from the class.

All of us have the potential for remarkable achievement and the RDLI Capstone Program will help us get there. The Chamber invites you to join us in this extraordinary leadership experience and become a part of this learning community. If you are interested, please click on the application link at the top of the page to download and submit your application. If you have any questions, please e-mail program coordinator, Bret Hyble, at or call him at 989-772-2396.

Orientation (approx 1 Hour)
Meet your "leadermates"
Introduction to the Leadership Challenge
Overview of the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) Self Assessment - To be completed prior to first class in October

Session 1: Building a Community of Leaders
Group contracting, program expectations and "Sharing Your Story" Leader Reaction Course
LPI self assessment results
Session 2: Model the Way - Ethics and Leadership Identifying personal and leadership values (activity) Community needs assessment Community Leader Roundtables
Session 3: Inspire a Shared Vision - Goal Setting & Communication Skills
The Power of Visioning (site visits with Visioning Leaders)
Visioning workshop and coaching
Communicating your vision (activity)
Session 4: Challenge the Process - Motivating Others to Realize the Vision
Various activities and guest speakers relating to Action and Strategic Planning
Volunteer project assessment and planning
Personal Development Plan - creation and coaching
Session 5: Enabling Others to Act - The Power of a Team
Observing successful Teams in action (site visits)
Assessing our own teams
Team Challenge Scenarios
Session 6: Encouraging the Heart
Volunteer Project
Group presentations and activities based on previous month's 2-group homework assignment on Encouraging the Heart and A Leader's Legacy
Graduation Celebration!

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